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Bible Study On Luke

By 6th May 2020December 10th, 2020Reflections

Slightly different approach this week.

Luke chapter nine begins with Jesus sending out the twelve and ends with the cost of being a disciple. Looking at the chapter as a whole, before looking at the specific passages highlighted below, ask yourself what is Jesus doing with His disciples in this chapter and what is Luke saying to us.

Now Read Luke 9:18-20

What did Jesus ask this question?

  1. To find out what the people thought of Him?
  2. To discover what His disciples thought of Him?

What is the significance of only Peter answering Jesus?

  1. Were the others too afraid to answer or was their faith not strong enough?

What about us today – how would we answer this question? Would we answer this question?


Luke 9:37-43

What can we learn from this passage?

  1. Despite all they had heard and seen, still it would appear the disciples lacked true faith.
  2. Or are we being too harsh on them?
  3. How might we have behaved when faced with a similar situation?

Are there times when we might stand accused of being hypocritical in terms of our faith lives?


Luke 9:51-56

What is the significance of these few verses?

  1. Not everyone is welcoming of Jesus.
  2. Yet Jesus does not condemn them, rather He rebukes His disciples for wanting to harm them?

How welcoming are we of Jesus – and how do we react to others who are not so welcoming?

Or, are we as welcoming of Jesus as we should be and if not, why not?


Now Read Luke 9:1-9 and Luke 9:57-62 and consider again the questions again at the beginning of this Bible study. And then reflect on exactly where you see yourself in this chapter?



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