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Bible Study On Luke

By 20th May 2020December 10th, 2020Reflections

Read Luke 13:1-9

What is the crux of Jesus teaching in this passage?

  1. Was God punishing the Galileans because of some great sin in their lives?
  2. What is the significance of the parable of the fig tree?
  3. What can we say about the attitude of the owner of the land the tree was on?

What valuable lessons can we take from these verses as we live out our faith today?

Luke 13:10-17

How could we describe the attitude of the rulers of the Synagogue in this passage?

  1. Indignant, arrogant, legalistic, hypocritical, angry….. Why might they have behaved in this way?
  2. Because they were the true ‘guardians’ of the law?
  3. Or because Jesus was showing them for what they really were?

Are there times when we might stand accused of being hypocritical in terms of our faith lives?

Luke 13:18-30

What do the two short parables teach us and what do we learn from the verses on the narrow door.

  1. A little faith will go a long way and will grow as it does so.
  2. Not all who think they will be saved, will be.

Do we exercise our faith in this way? Do we know God as we should?

Luke 13:31-35

What was Jesus reaction to the threat of Herod and why did He react in this way?

  1. Jesus was willing to put His life in His Father’s hands and to do His will, no matter what.

Are we willing to give our lives over to God?


This chapter could almost be headed, ‘Give Up’…

Give Up.. .Your Sins – Jesus call to the people is straight to the point in verse 3.

Give Up… Your Legalistic Attitude – Jesus call to the rulers of the Synagogue who had adopted their own attitude to the Law, regarding it as a moral straight-jacket.

Give Up.. .Your Own Ideas To Be Saved – Jesus call to the Rabbis and others who often theorised as to the number of those who might actually be saved.

Give Up.. .Your Unwillingness – Jesus call to those who refused God’s offer of salvation through Him.

This theme of, ‘Giving Up’, continues on into chapter 14 when we see Jesus call on the people to Give Up.. . Their Pride, Their Excuses, and finally, Everything, if they would truly seek to be His disciple.


Lord, as we reflect on these verses we ask that You would increase our faith and our willingness to hand our lives completely over to You. In Jesus name…Amen

Question Of The Day: What is the relationship between Obed and King David?