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Bible Study On Luke

By 10th June 2020December 10th, 2020Reflections

Read Luke 18:1-14

What are these two parables all about?

  • Here Jesus pinpoints the two most important aspects of prayer.
  • First and foremost, the need for us to practise constant contact and communication with God.
  • God knows our needs but His wish is for us to speak with Him daily and acknowledge those needs in faithful expectation.
  • It is important to note that he ere the judge does not ‘represent’ God – this parable is meant to show how much more infinitely superior God’s character is to that of human beings.
  • The need for us to humble ourselves before God.
  • A person’s attitude when he/she comes before God in prayer is all important. We need to acknowledge how far we are from God and how much we need His forgiveness.

Do we spend time in God in prayer as often as we should? Do we acknowledge how far we are from God and how much we need His forgiveness and provision in our lives?

Read Luke 18:15-31

What is the purpose of these two portions of Scripture? Why are they placed together in this way?

  • For all that these two verses contain the simple most important lesson here is to contrast the difference in attitude between a child and a man who seems determined to hold on to his earthly possessions.
  • In the child we have someone who is trusting and faithful and who gladly come to Jesus.
  • In the rich man we have someone who, it would seem, is unable to let go of all he has in order to follow Jesus.

Which of these two parables resonant most with us – who are we more like?

Read Luke 18:35-43

What is most significant in this short story?

  • Such was the man’s faith and belief in Jesus that he would not remain quiet when he was rebuked – he knew Jesus could help him.
  • And when that help came he responded in faith, praising Jesus and following Him.

How persistent are we in our faith and how do we respond when Jesus comes to us?