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Daily Prayer

By 10th December 2020December 16th, 2020Reflections

‘Behold my servant whom I uphold…’ (Isa. 41:1)


The first portion of Isaiah 42 is often referred to as the Servant Song, one of four found in Isaiah, and point to the Messiah coming to fulfil God’s promise to reconcile Himself to us, and of course we look to Jesus as the fulfilment of that promise. In all He said and did throughout His earthly ministry, and through His death and Resurrection, Jesus would not only fulfil this task, but also reveal God to the world. As we continue through Advent we not only look the celebrate His birth but also look forward to His coming again to establish His Kingdom once and for all. In the meantime we are called to emulate our Lord in humility and service and to play our part in revealing God’s Kingdom to all. So let’s pray for the courage, strength and faith to play our part in doing so and let’s pray for the Church of Jesus Christ at this time, that all who would claim to be His Disciples would do likewise that more people may come to know Jesus this Christmas time.