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Daily Reflection

By 22nd March 2022Reflections

Read John 2:13-22

  1. With all the hustle and bustle of the business in the Temple courtyards it might have been impossible for anyone to find in peace in their time of worship. How important is a time of silence within our worship?
  2. In our society today, Sunday has just become like any other day in terms or trade, commerce and business. What can we as a Church do that might make a change to this?
  3. John quotes Psalm 69 about Jesus. However, Zeal for your house consumes me… is actually the Psalmist’s plea to his God to act against those who were persecuting him and making life a misery, and yet this in John’s story is at the start of Jesus’ ministry. What is he telling us?
  4. Those in the Temple, the authorities as well as traders and moneychangers failed to perceive the presence of God within their midst. Where and in what conditions do you find it easiest to feel a closeness to the divine?
  5. Jesus speaks of God’s presence being in a person rather than in a building. How do we explain this to anyone who might come to us enquiring of our faith?