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Daily Reflection

By 5th March 2021Reflections

‘I am the Lord and there is no other; apart from me there is no God…’ (Isaiah 45:5)


In Old Testament times there were many cultures and societies that worship a whole host of different ‘gods’, as there still is today. As Christians we can identify with this verse from Isaiah and say that we believe it to be true within our hearts. Yet still we have to be wary because the reality is that even for those who would make such a profession there are many other ‘gods’ that still seek to entice us away from our Lord today. Wealth, power, status, influence – I could go on. In our world today we are told that the acquisition or attainment of these is all we need. Yet even if we had all of these, and more, in abundance in our life but did not know our Lord, we would have and be nothing.