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Daily Reflection

By 13th March 2021April 6th, 2021Reflections

‘Teach me how to live, O Lord…’ (Psalm 27:11)

In any given week we are bombarded by advertisements, in all forms of media, telling us what we must do in order to live the best life possible. Many of these are of course from companies wishing to entice us to buy their products in order to find that perfect life, many come from health and fitness experts urging us to a healthier way of life and many come from various agencies suggesting new career paths that will bring us greater fulfilment in life.

Some of these ways be of help and some of them, particularly the ones that focus on health, may be essential as we seek to live the best life we possibly can each and every day. Yet for all that, if we truly want to live the best life we possibly can, we need to echo the words of the Psalmist here and come before the Lord. Through the teachings and example of our Saviour, His Word provides us with all the guidance we need and by His Holy Spirit He will help us to change from within that we may begin to walk more in step with our Lord – and that is how we should aim to live day by day.