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Daily Reflection

By 6th August 2021Reflections

‘The Lord is close to the broken hearted; He rescues those who are crushed in spirit…'( Psalm 34:18)

As we journey through life we all experience something of a rollercoaster of high points and low points, and sadly there are times when we are just broken hearted by certain events. The loss of a loved one, the break up of a marriage, the loss of our home or a breakdown of our relationship with others. These are only a few of the most traumatic times that any of us might face in life and when they do happen we do feel crushed in spirit and there seems little that anyone can say or do to help us or offer us the comfort and solace we yearn for at that time.

The Psalmist reminds us, however, that through all of this the Lord is always there with us and He will help us in a way that not even our closest loved ones can. Yes, there will still be pain in our hearts and souls, but knowing that the Lord is there to share that pain with us in a way that no other can will help us find the kind of peace that we need at that time and in His strength, day by day, one step at a time, we will once again be able to move forward in our life.