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Daily Reflection

By 23rd October 2021Reflections

‘Teach me your will, for you are my God…’ (Psalm 143:10)

One of the most common issues we face as Christians is to say that we don’t actually know what God’s will for us is. As a consequence there will be times when we fail to act as God would have us and other times when we act as we want to, convincing ourselves that this was God’s wish for us. However, whilst it one level it is easy to say that discerning God’s will is never easy at another it is relatively simple. The more we communicate with God, read His Word and allow the Holy Spirit to guide us, the more we come to know what God’s will for us is. But in everyday situations perhaps a good place to begin is to ask ourselves, how would my Lord behave in this situation – what would He say, what would He do? If we then prayerfully seek to emulate Him, we’re off to a good start.