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Daily Reflection

By 18th January 2022Reflections

‘The Lord is good, His love is forever…’ (Psalm 100:5)

Life is full of change and it comes in all shapes and sizes. Even if we think we follow the same daily routine and go about our lives in the same way each day, a closer examination and reflection will surely reveal differences which have occurred. We as human beings change also – physically, emotionally and spiritually. We are the same person, but still we change. Sometimes, however, not all change is good and as a consequence this can impact upon our lives in a negative manner.

How good then is it to know that in amongst all of this there is one thing that never changes. It never has and it never will – and that is the love that God has for us, a love that is forever. So in this ever changing world and in our ever changing lives, let’s give thanks that in all of this we can trust and depend on the love of God – may this be a comfort and strength to us in all that we are and do.