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Daily Reflection – Lent Bible Study

By 6th April 2022Reflections

Read John 12:20-36

This is a defining moment for Jesus after His entry into Jerusalem as He looks to the cross. Now His mind and energy are focussed on what lies ahead, but there is little time left to impress on both His disciples, and the wider audience, how important this moment really is.

  1. What did Jesus mean by the Son of Man being glorified? (See Daniel 7:13)
  2. John 12:27 appears to suggest that Jesus could have asked His Father in Heaven to rescue Him from the cross. Do you think He should have done this to extend His mission time here on earth?
  3. Jesus talks elsewhere about taking up our cross and following him. Is the story of the kernel of wheat saying something similar and how do you see this happening in Christians’ lives?
  4. The people heard the voice of God, rather than relying purely on scripture to speak to them. Does God still speak directly to us or do you think that the voice that spoke to the prophets has gone silent now?
  5. How do you perceive God’s will for your life and how might He be glorified through it?

John tells us that at this crucial time the voice of God was heard, not only by Jesus but by the crowd standing there. Perhaps this should serve as a reminder to us that God is not silent, and perhaps it is more that we are not attuned to listening for his voice.