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Easter Reflection

By 13th April 2022Reflections

Over the next few days we are going to focus very much on the last few days of Jesus time here on earth before His crucifixion, primarily looking at the different accounts of these events as found in the different Gospel narratives. We all know these verses so well, but have we ever taken time to compare the different Gospel narratives around the same events? Let’s do so now and then take time to reflect on why there may be some subtle differences. However, before we do so, a little background information:-

Passover, which is the 7 day Feast of Unleavened Bread, begins on the 15th of the Hebrew month of Nisan, which falls within either March or April of our calendar today, and lasts for seven days. In Judaism, however, each day begins at dusk on the preceding day, so the 15th day of Nisan would begin at sunset on the evening of the 14th.

The Paschal Lamb, eaten at Passover would be selected on Nisan 10 and then slaughtered and prepared at dusk on Nisan 14. It is then eaten later that night, on Nisan 15, and any remnants of the sacrificial meal would have to be burned before the sun rises on Nisan 15.

Read Matthew 26:17-19     Mark 14:12     Luke 22:7-8     John 13:1-3

Is there any one of these narratives that seems to stand out from the others as being different? If so, why might that be?