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Heroes Of Today

By 25th March 2020December 10th, 2020Reflections

‘The Lord is the strength of His people…’ (Psalm 28:8)

Whenever we think of the word, hero, we might think of the characters we see in Marvel comic books and films, or a mighty and powerful individual in history who performed great deeds, or someone today who is famous and talented in some way. However, looking through my daily devotions for today I came across a quote from an unknown author which looks at the idea of a hero from a different perspective, ‘Heroes are not the ones that never fail, but the ones who never give up…’ and maybe there is a lot of truth in this.

From a Biblical perspective a hero is someone who lives in such a way as to help make life better for another and the Biblical call for us to live a heroic life is to do so in a manner that emulates Jesus Christ. Over this past week I have heard many of our leaders and politicians refer to those in our NHS as heroes – and quite rightly too given the work they are doing in these present circumstances. But there are also many other heroes out there just now. Volunteers, friends and neighbours doing their small bit for others in their communities, helping to make their lives a little better  – effectively living out the Gospel message in a practical way.

Lord we thank You for the many ways in which You are working out through others at this time and for the practical way that so many are sharing the love of Christ by their actions. Watch over them, we pray, and hold them safe in Your love and protection. In Jesus name. Amen