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Share God’s Love

By 22nd March 2020December 10th, 2020Reflections

‘…God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit,

who has been given to us.’ (Romans 5:5)


Leo Tolstoy once said, ‘where love is, there is God also…’  and how true this is. The idea of love is the greatest characteristic of our Christian faith and the greatness of God’s love for us was ultimately revealed in His giving us His one and only Son and as Paul says, this love is still poured upon us freely today through God’s Holy Spirit. But how do we understand this love?

All too often today we perhaps think of love as simply an emotion, a feeling we may experience within our hearts. Yet when we look at how love is revealed to us in the Bible it isn’t merely an emotion or feeling. The kind of love that God calls us to isn’t simply about feeling a certain way towards other people, rather it is about demonstrating that love through our actions. But more than this God tells us that His love should flow through our actions to others and as Christians we are called to do this through following the example of our Lord. Through acts of compassion and kindness, looking to the needs of others and where we can help in some small way, being a good neighbour.

Today, at such a difficult time for us all, we need to try to share God’s love in this way with those around us. Of course for health reasons there are limitations on what we are able to do and some things might not be possible, but even a simple phone call, text message, email or card just to say – thinking of you, hope you are well – can make all the difference. Try it – and see!

Lord, we thank You for the love You pour upon us so freely every day. Help us to share that love in all we do, that through this witness others too may come to know the fullness of the love of Christ in their life. And we ask all this in His Holy name. Amen.