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Short Reflection On Psalm 121

By 1st June 2020December 10th, 2020Reflections

The Lord watches over you…’ (Psalm 121:5)

Read Psalm 121
The fifteen Psalms from 120 to 134 form a self-contained group and at one time may have been a ‘book’ in their own right. They are all called Songs of Ascent and in Old Testament times would probably have been sung by pilgrims of their way up to the Temple at Jerusalem. They are all short Psalms and each one illustrates a great sense of love and reverence for Zion and the Temple itself and a desire for peace and prosperity for Jerusalem and the people of Israel.
In the opening two verses the Psalmist asks the question of where his help will come from and then answers with hesitation that it will come from the Lord Himself. Then as the Psalm progresses we have this wonderful image of the Lord watching over us at all time. He will neither slumber nor sleep and will shield us at all times. From beginning to end, Psalm 121 speaks unashamedly of the Lord as our keeper, the One who watches over us.
As we go about our busy lives each day, with all its highs and lows, how good is it for us to know that we are never alone, that the Lord is watching over us at all times. And in this season of Pentecost as we think of the coming of the Holy Spirit, the One Jesus promised before He returned to His Father in Heaven we are reminded afresh of God’s continued presence with us – what a comfort and a joy.

Lord, we praise You for loving presence with us at all times, day and night, and for comfort we can experience knowing that You are always watching over us. Thank You, Lord…Amen.

Question Of The Day: Who spoke to the Israelites in Babylon and foretold their return home some day?