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Short Reflection On Psalm 32

By 12th May 2020December 10th, 2020Reflections

‘Blessed is he whose transgressions are forgiven…’ (Psalm 32:1)

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I wonder how often we have been in a position where we have something that we are desperate to share with someone else, some news or information that we find so difficult to keep to ourselves and just need to share with someone. How do you then feel once you have shared that news, what are the overwhelming emotions that you experience? It will of course depend on whether you are sharing good news with that person or sharing with them a matter of concern. So our emotions may range from joy and elation to relief and that sense of knowing someone else knows what you are going through. But how do they compare to the emotion we feel when we know that our sins have been forgiven – by those whom we have sinned against and by the Lord Himself.

Our Psalm today begins with one of the most wonderful statements that any of us might wish to hear – to know the blessing of having our sins forgiven. I’m sure we have all been in that position where we have upset, hurt, or offended someone, perhaps never intentionally, but after acting rashly or foolishly in the heat of the moment. But then, on offering our apologies, to have the person we have so hurt say that they forgive us – it is like a weight being taken off our shoulders.

Ultimately, of course, true forgiveness comes from God and David, believed to be the author of this Psalm after his shameful dealings with Bathsheba, knew that only too well. Read the words again slowly and digest them. He knew he had acted wrongly, so he confessed before the Lord and repented of his sin, and received God’s forgiveness. To know this kind of forgiveness is a blessing indeed. But on the other side of the coin look at the consequences of not confessing and seeking the Lord’s forgiveness – a painful draining of mind, body and soul. Only the forgiveness of God could replace this with blessing. What a comfort it is for us to know that we can receive such a blessing from the Lord.

However, it doesn’t end there. Not only did David resolve not to make the same mistakes again, his experience of this forgiveness through repentance encourages him to plead with others to do the same – he is a witness to the forgiving love of God. So we too should resolve, in God strength, to truly repent by not making the same mistakes again and by sharing with others how the forgiving love of God has so blessed us.

Lord, every day You pour Your love and blessings upon us in abundance and for that we thank You. Help us to truly seek Your forgiveness for all those things that we think, say and do that we know we shouldn’t and as best we can, to once again walk the path that You have set before us. In Jesus name. Amen


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