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Short Reflection On Psalm 90

By 22nd May 2020December 10th, 2020Reflections

‘Lord You have been our dwelling-place throughout all generations…’ (Psalm 90:1)

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Psalm 90 is a Psalm which essentially sets out the brevity of our human life in the light of God’s eternal and everlasting presence and also our frailty and sinfulness in light of God’s power, majesty and glory.  It speaks of the eternity of God, the wrath of God and the mercy of God and again there is so much in these verses that speaks to us in so many different ways. Yet it is perhaps the sense of God’s eternal presence with us that most find so reassuring in these verses.

As we go about our daily lives we all seek satisfaction in so many things and strive to attain and achieve joy and happiness in all that we do, whether it be for ourselves or for our families and loved ones. Yet whilst we may indeed achieve these to a certain degree the Psalmist reminds us that it is in God’s eternal mercy that we ultimately find the satisfaction, joy and happiness that we seek. But more than that we are reminded that even in times of trouble the love of God is always with us. Through all the ups and downs that we face in life, the everlasting presence of God will be there to encompass us in His love. What a wonderful thought for us to hold on to and perhaps especially so at this time in the midst of this pandemic.

No matter where we are in life or what we are facing the eternal Lord who created all things is our refuge, our sanctuary and in Him we can find rest from all of life’s troubles. So come to Him today. Take time now to set aside a few moments to be alone and at one with Him and know afresh that love that only He can give.

 Eternal and everlasting God, we thank You that we are able to be with You at all times and that through all the ups and downs we face in life, You will be there to offer us the comfort and support we need, Amen.


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