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Short Reflection On The Ten Commandments

By 16th June 2020December 10th, 2020Reflections

‘You shall not commit adultery…’ (Exodus 20:14)

Again this commandment appears straightforward and leaves no room for discussion, but again in His Sermon on the Mount Jesus takes it to another level by saying that anyone who even looks at another woman in a lustful manner has already committed adultery in their heart. Suddenly the net is cast further afield!

Yet even at this point our Lord continues to expand on this commandment in a very graphic manner (Matt. 5:27-30) and whilst we might not be expected to literally and surgically do what Jesus is saying here, the meaning behind these words is clear. We are to root out anything which may lead us to impure thoughts and subsequently to sin. If we don’t we will not take our place in His kingdom!


Lord, help us to look to You at all times and to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit in our lives. We know we are not perfect and will make mistakes so help us to come to You when we do so, acknowledging them and seeking Your forgiveness. In Jesus name…Amen.


Question Of The Day: What was Jesus first recorded miracle and where did it take place?