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The Good Shepherd

By 21st April 2020December 10th, 2020Reflections

‘I am the good shepherd…’ (John 10:11)

The Book of Psalms has long since been a favourite of many Scots and even today when we follow the liturgy in the Book Of Common Order, there is usually the option of a Psalm to use as a reading in our Sunday services or in the opening Call To Worship. And when we think of the Psalms, it’s perhaps fair to say that the most well  known of these will be the 23rd Psalm.

In Old and New Testament times the shepherd would sleep out in the open with his sheep the whole year round and as we see in the story of the Lost Sheep in Luke, would probably know each and every one of them individually. Indeed, when we look at the words of this Psalm we have this wonderful image of the shepherd looking after his flock; protecting them when need be and keeping them safe from danger.

In our latest, ‘I am…’ saying from Jesus, whilst He doesn’t actually call Himself a shepherd, our Lord describes Himself as the Good Shepherd and just as shepherds back them watched over and cared for their sheep so Jesus watches over and cares for us. He provides us with all that we need and guides us through the dangerous paths of life that we all encounter everyday, and in Him we are able to find peace and rest for our souls.

Like sheep we too at times wander and get lost, like sheep we too need protection and watching over and like sheep we too need someone who will care for us no matter what. In Jesus we have that Good Shepherd.


Lord, we give You thanks for Your care and mercies, and for all the blessings You pour upon us every day. Help us to acknowledge our need of You, to listen for Your voice and to come to You when You call us. All this we ask in Jesus name. Amen.