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The Lord Is Among Us

By 14th April 2020December 10th, 2020Reflections

‘…everything must be fulfilled that is written about me in the Law of Moses, the Prophets and the Psalms…’ (Luke 24:344)

As we go about our daily lives there are so many things that we perhaps take for granted because they are part and parcel of our lives, yet if we just stop and pause for a moment and reflect on these, we not only realise just how wonderful they are but also how little our understanding of them actually is. Over these last few weeks, for example, so many of us will have been keeping in touch with loved ones via the many social media options we now have – and I’m sure like me you will have found this so uplifting and rewarding. Experts will tell us that it is all down to satellite communications and the technology that comes with it, but do we ever consider what this actually entails? How is it possible for us to virtually sit in the homes of our loved ones at the other end of the country, perhaps even at the other end of the world, and see and talk to them as if we were sitting next to them? Ultimately of course it doesn’t matter how much we understand the science or technology behind it, as long as we can connect with our loved ones – that’s what matters most to us.

Over the years we have heard the Easter story so many times and we know it so well. But perhaps there is a real danger here that because we do know it so well, it no longer affects us in the same way and no longer has the same impact in our lives as it should.  Part of that may be because, like so much of the technology and communications that we use today, no matter how much we might want to, we will never be able to fully understand the Resurrection fully – how or why God would raise Jesus to new life for us.

However, yet again we do not really need to understand, all we need to do is to believe the words of Scripture and accept this in faith. Accept that such was and is the love of God for us that He would choose to sacrifice His Son and raise Him to new life that we might be reconciled to Him once and for all – for now and all eternity, fulfilling the promise He makes to us throughout Scripture. And having accepted this mystery of our faith allow it to embrace and take hold of us, that by the Holy Spirit this new life we have in Christ might flourish and abound, and through our words and actions, become a witness for all to see.

The Risen Lord is alive and in our midst. He wants to come into our lives now, to reach out and touch us as He did with those disciples back then. We don’t need to understand this – we only need to believe!

Lord, we give You thanks for the life we now have in Your Son. Help us to believe in our hearts and souls that You are always with us, directing our lives, that we might share this blessing as we reach out to others in Your name.. And all this we ask in Jesus name. Amen