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The Way, The Truth, The Life

By 24th April 2020December 10th, 2020Reflections

‘I am the way, the truth and the life…’ (John 14:6)

Of all the ‘I am…’ sayings of Jesus this is the only one that uses not just one, but three metaphorical comparisons and it is also the one which possibly creates more discussion and debate than any of the others. Why? Because it seems to be very exclusive in what it is saying when we look at the whole sentence, ‘ I am the way and the truth and the life and no-one comes to the Father but through me…’ 

In this short statement Jesus is saying clearly that He is the only way to God – not one way of many but the way. People may come to know Jesus Christ in their lives through a whole host of different ways, but it is only through Him that we can have that relationship with God that will bring salvation. Jesus also clearly states that He is the truth – not a version of what we might choose to believe or accept as the truth, He is the truth – the living Word of God. Finally Jesus states that He is the life – that eternal life that goes beyond our time here on earth. Without Jesus in our lives the lives we lead here and now will remain unfulfilled, no matter how ‘successful’ we might believe them to be. But with Jesus in our life God will be able to fulfil His destiny for us, which ultimately will mean that we will take our place in His eternal and everlasting Kingdom.

‘I am the way and the truth and the life…’ Of all Jesus ‘I am…’ sayings it is here when Jesus makes it abundantly clear who He is and why He came. He is God Incarnate, the very revelation of God Himself and He has come that we might find our way to God, know the truth of God and have life everlasting with God. However, this offer of life is not exclusive to the chosen few. Jesus came for all people – everyone – and for all who choose to accept Him in their lives – they will come to know that way, that truth and that life.

Loving God, we give You thanks that through Your Son You have come to show us the way to You. Help us we pray, to walk in His footsteps and to enter into a relationship with You. Through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Amen.