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Bible Study on Luke

By 22nd April 2020December 10th, 2020Reflections

We continue from where we left off in our study last week and in the remainder of chapter four, and then chapter five, we find Jesus quickly going about His Ministry.

Read Luke 4:31-44

Those listening to Jesus speaking would have heard many Rabbi’s before and many claiming to be men of God so why were the people so amazed at Jesus teaching here?

  1. He spoke with complete authority. Often in Jewish teaching at that time the teachers would continually quote one rabbi and sage after another and cite from various other texts. Jesus cited no-one. He did not speculate. He did not offer alternative suggestions. He was- is – the living Word of God.
  2. His authority was not only a matter of style or content. It manifest itself in great power, by His Word people were healed. Even the demons recognised this authority.
  3. In verses 42-44 there is a sense of urgency to go out and take this Good News to others in need.

Today that task falls to us so perhaps we need to reflect on how urgent a task this is for us. How and when do we share the Good News with others and do we do so with a sense of passion and fire in our hearts?

Read Luke 5:1-11

These verses recall the calling of Jesus first Disciples, but what is the central issue of this portion of Scripture?

  1. Here we begin to get an idea of Jesus special interest in Simon Peter.
  2. Here Jesus is calling Peter to begin his preparation for his own ministry as an Apostle

Today we are all called to follow in the footsteps of Peter and the other Disciples, however, how willing are we to listen to Jesus as He seeks to prepare us to fulfil our calling?

Read Luke 5:12-26

Why was Jesus touch so unexpected yet so important to these men’7

  1. Because of their illness they would have been considered unclean.and as such they would have been excluded and outcast from their community.
  2. Jesus touch not only cured them, but enabled them to return to their community.

How often do stop to consider how much a hug or simply taking someone’s hand actually means to that person, especially so when they are going through difficult times.

Read Luke 5:27-39

What was the prime complaint and criticism levelled at Jesus by the Pharisees9

  1. He was associating Himself with outcasts and sinners
  2. He was associating with those considered unacceptable within their culture.

Jesus came that all might find salvation in Him. How good are we at sharing that Good News with all people?

It is almost as if Luke is saying to us in these verses, “Listen to the Son of God when He speaks and take note of the power and authority of His Word, The Living Word of God” This Word challenged the minds of those who heard it; they were amazed at the power & authority. It healed their broken bodies; it cured them of their physical ailments. It healed their broken relationships; it enabled them to return to their communities. Indeed it changed their lives completely, so much so that Peter and other left everything behind to follow Jesus.

The question is, what are we prepared to leave behind to follow Jesus?

Lord we continue thank You for the message of Luke and in these troubling days especially pray that You would help us to remember that through Your Son You came to live among us and that by Your Spirit You are here with us now to offer us the support, encouragement and help we need as You share with us in all we are going through. And all this we ask in Jesus name. Amen.