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Bible Study On Luke

By 3rd June 2020December 10th, 2020Reflections

Read Luke 17:1-10

What do these three passages teach us about how we should live our lives of faith?

  • We should never do anything that might cause others to sin. Might any of our actions or behaviour cause people to stumble in any way?
  • Forgiveness should be part and parcel of our daily life – we should never refuse to forgive those who wrong us – in any way. How good are we at forgiving?
  • We should strive to have real and genuine faith and not simply ‘go through the motions.’ What do we understand by real faith – and how do we exercise it?
  • We should always be humble and remember that we are called to serve God – just as He came to serve us through the giving of Christ. How easily do we remember our calling to discipleship and do we seek to serve wherever and whenever we can?

Read Luke 17:11-19

What do we learn in these few verses?

  • We should learn to give thanks to God and praise Him for all He has given and done for us. But do we do so as we should?
  • We should also acknowledge our need for God to be in our lives? But do we?

Read Luke 17:20-37

What do we learn here about the Kingdom of God?

  • That the coming of the Kingdom was a much discussed topic among the Jews. What is our understanding of the Kingdom of God?
  • The Pharisees failed to see that in Jesus the Kingdom was upon them. Are we able to see glimpses of God’s Kingdom as we live our lives of faith?
  • The disciples had accepted this truth and were now ready for further teaching on the Second Coming, which would be visible for all to see and be in no doubt of. How accepting are we of the teaching of Jesus – of all the teaching of Jesus.