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Short Reflection On Psalm 122

By 2nd June 2020December 10th, 2020Reflections

‘May those who love you be secure…’ (Psalm 122:6)

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If Psalm 121 was all about the Lord watching over us at all times, this Psalm is about the joy and peace that we can find in that knowledge. Perhaps more than any other of the Songs of Ascent this Psalm is a song for pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem to celebrate one of their feasts – although it is not clear which one. And note how joyful the Psalmist is at the beginning of the Psalm – he is thrilled and overjoyed to be able to take part in this wonderful celebration. There after he petitions all to come before the Lord in prayer that all may know His peace.

This short Psalm speaks to us in so many ways of the love of God, but it also challenges us in many ways too. Are we as thrilled and overjoyed when we come into the House of God? Do we fervently pray for others that they may know the peace of God? Do we pray for these things in our own lives? I hope and pray that we can say yes to all of these and that we too will be able to rest in the same joy and peace that the Psalmist did.

Lord, we praise You for the joy and peace You bring to our busy and often trouble lives and ask that You would help us to rest in that joy and peace whenever we can. And all this we ask in Jesus name.


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